Reasons For Home Security and Why have a Security System installed

With the dark nights, we’re spending more time than ever in our homes where we feel secure. But just how safe is your home? Check out our tips to improve your home security this winter.

Check your doorways

Whether you’ve just moved in or you’ve been living in your property for years, it is important to check your front door, how secure and strong does it look? The main attack is from the ground floor and at the rear of the property checking all you windows and back door are locked.

Make sure your garage and shed is secure

Sometimes sheds and garages are left unsecured as people often overlook these areas. However, if bikes, gadgets and gardening tools are stored inside then it is recommended that you extend your home security to any outter buildings to reduce the chances of being broken into. a bell housing is a great way to make a burglar think twice.

Keep keys away from the door

Some doors make it easy for burglars to use a long stick to unlock front doors due to the position of the letterbox. Based on such situations, it is always advised to keep keys away from the door to prevent easy access into your home. You can also invest in vibration analyser so you can detect when anybody is tampering with this target area.

Invest in a good quality alarm system

A good quality alarm system can easily discourage a burglar from breaking into a house, especially when no one is available. Make sure the alarm system is setup and correctly armed at all times when you are not home. Modern alarms can easily be monitored via various apps which help keep you informed even when on holiday or out of your property for long periods of time.

Always be alert

Lastly, always be alert – do not leave any opportunity for a burglar to break into your house, always lock doors and windows when no one is home and keep keys out of sight deter the burglar from breaking into your house and think twice. having a bright HomeGuard bell housing on the side of your house alongside our top selling CCTV system the burglar would have no opportunity to ruin your property and take life long family items.