Improve your Home Security with HomeGuard!

Improve your home security with HomeGuard… For optimal home security and family safety, you need better protection around the perimeter of your home. Your home perimeter security is your first layer of defense and serves the vital purpose of keeping the right people in and the wrong people out.

Your complete home security system should have all outdoor areas covered.

Night vision cameras are highly sophisticated and great for protection in complete darkness. Obviously, the human eye has a difficult time piercing blackness, but with the right system, cameras see on your behalf so that nothing is missed.

Indoor smart lights should have automatic on and off schedules. Lights are a sign that someone is home. But a light that is always on is a sign that no one is home. Your indoor smart lights should have on and off schedule capabilities. Homeward smart lights allow you to control schedules.

Security Lighting, the goal you are probably trying to accomplish with your outdoor security lighting is to make your home safer from unwanted intruders, right?

A dark home is a vulnerable home!

Security lighting around your home gives you much more of a chance to be overlooked by a burglar, making them move on to an easier target. While proper security lighting is important to home security, don’t forget that it’s only just a part of things you can do to keep yourself, your family and your home safe.

You want to make sure the main areas of your home have proper lighting. Your doors and main pathways are the biggest areas to consider.

But a lot of people only ever think about the front of their house. The front garden is all that most people see, but that’s the lease likely place for a burglar to be!

Make sure that not only is the front of your house covered, but the back yard as well, and along the sides of your house.

Fire Alarm systems even if insurance will pay for your home’s destruction from a fire, you and your family will still be displaced for quite some time. It will take a long time to find a new home and get new possessions. A good fire system will prevent your life from being interrupted in such a way