Keyless Entry Systems for doors

Our Keyless Entry Systems are suitable for internal and external Residential, Office & Business / Commercial entrance door use. Keyless Entry Systems are operated by RFID key fob, keypad, access card or telephone intercom system.

Keyless Entry Systems = no need for keys

The door entry systems we supply and fit are keyless, and so the need for keys is done away with. This means that you no longer need to change the locks or re-issue keys if any keys are stolen or lost.

Controlled doors, with programmable unlocking

The problem of doors being left unlocked by accident is removed for good once we’ve installed your Keyless Door Entry System. All of the Keyless Entry doors are controlled by the system. Controlled doors lock automatically when they close, preventing unauthorised access.

System-controlled doors are programmable to stay unlocked for certain periods of time if required. For instance, you might want your entrance door to remain open all the time during business hours to allow customers to come and go.