Burglary is meaningless to the Police.

a recent article in the news has spread throughout the UK leaving people in disbelief and fear that if they get broken into there is little to nothing that the police can and will do. this is more reason to have a security system to keep yourself safe as well as your property. The new Commissioner added Britain’s top police force could not pour money into engaging in “meaningless activity”. they class a burglary as meaningless due to the lack of evidence that can be found a great way to help your situation and help the Police out in this situation would be CCTV system to have the hard proof and picture evidence of the event.

It comes just weeks after it has been revealed that police across the UK have solved only one in ten burglaries since 2011. in the areas that HomeGuard Intruder Alarms covers the stats show that there has been 414,732 burglaries taken place, 9.5% of these that gets solved.

the statistics then go on to show the value of what has been taken to the percentage of how much has been recovered … £2 billion in goods and valuables stolen in domestic and commercial raids, only seven per cent – £137 million-worth – was recovered.

A break-in victim has been quoted to have said “The police just don’t seem to care.”

The police budget is about to see another cut visible policing has all but disappeared apart from our town centres, leaving many communities throughout the country feeling unsafe.We cannot treat burglary with just a casual shrug, it is a vicious crime and can damage peoples confidence in their own homes, its not always what is taken from your household most objects can be replaced but the damage that we are seeing done to properties is worse than ever. they are not just taking your expensive and easy to sell goods, we are seeing more and more properties have family photographs, wedding albums and visual memories destroyed int the process which can not be re-brought.